These days, the average lifespan of a new car comes in at well over 150,000 miles. Unfortunately, the lifespan of your average paint job is much shorter. So what are your options, if you want to keep your car looking as good as it runs? If your knee-jerk choice is to have your car repainted, you may want to think again. Vehicle wraps have it all over painting in a whole bunch of interesting ways.


A good paint job can run you between $2,000–$10,000, depending—color, the make and model of your car, the shop you choose, and the quality of paint you choose are all variables that can jack up the price. Custom paint jobs are even more expensive.

Professionally installed vehicle wraps, on the other hand, deliver the same, if not better, quality at prices somewhere between $500–$5,000, an investment that more than pays for itself, seeing as how higher-quality vinyl retains its luster for 5–8 years.

As for those custom jobs, since vehicle wraps are printed on computers, you can get almost any design you can imagine for way less than it would cost you to have the same design painted on.

Down time

Fact of life: vehicles have to be disassembled and sanded before they can be painted. After the first sanding, the workers paint and apply a clear coat, then sand again, before putting your car together again. This process can take two weeks—or more—and that’s time you won’t have your car.

Wrapping your vehicle drastically cuts the time you’ll be without wheels. We’re talking 2–5 days.

Unlimited choices

While paint shops can offer you a wide range of colors to choose from, they can’t offer you anywhere near the number of color options offered vehicle wrap installers. You can hide your fading paint job, change your vehicle’s color, or customize to drive one-of-a-kind. Vehicle wraps can deliver a look you won’t find anywhere else. Styles and finishes include:

  • high-gloss
  • matte
  • mirror chrome
  • carbon fiber
  • brushed metal
  • animal skin
  • glow in the dark

Superior protection

Gravel is a fact of life, and it can ruin your paint job as quick as a finger snap. Sun, ice, and snow will fade your car’s color to a shadow of its former glory.

Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, provide real protection, resisting scratches, dings, fading, and oxidation. This protection is actually two layers deep—as the wrap withstands the elements on the outside, it’s also protecting the finish underneath. This is an important factor in maintaining your car’s resale value, because when and if the vinyl is removed for resale, the car’s original finish looks as good as it did the day the wrap was installed.

Easy care

How does, “Never wax your car again?” sound? Vehicle wraps include a transparent laminate that not only adds another layer of protection, but keeps your vehicle looking flash. Care is as easy as a quick wash using a mild soap and water, or, if you prefer, a cruise through a touchless/brushless car wash.

On again, off again

Finally, vehicle wraps have it all over paint jobs, because vehicle wraps can be removed. Whether you simply decide to switch things up, or decide to sell your car and want to go back to the manufacturer’s color, your professional wrap installer can remove the wrap without damaging the finish underneath.

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