While a vehicle wrap is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising, it’s certainly not a small investment. In fact, depending on the vehicle and type of wrap, you could be looking at an investment between $2,500-$10,000. That’s why it’s so important to get your vehicle wrap design right the first time so you don’t have to start over later.

Here are some tips to design a vehicle wrap that generates leads for your business:

Simple design

A vehicle wrap is a lot like a billboard in that most people who see it will do so while driving, so it’s important to keep it simple. Cramming too much into a typical ad is bad enough, but doing it on a vehicle wrap design renders it almost useless.

Stick to the essentials; logo, tag line, call to action, phone number, and website address with plenty of space in between each.

Contrasting colors

Creative subtleties are lost on a vehicle wrap because both the wrapped vehicle and the person viewing it are usually moving, and  because it’s often viewed from a distance. This makes selecting contrasting colors essential for legibility.

Here are some high-contrast combinations:

vehicle wrap design contrast


Vehicle wraps can be a powerful marketing tool since they have the potential to put your brand in front of hundreds, or even thousands of people every single day. Your logo should be prominently visible from all four sides of your vehicle to help cement your brand in the mind of potential customers who see it.

Clear call to action

Don’t try to get too clever with your vehicle wrap—make it clear exactly what you want people to do in concise, plain language.

Your call to action needs to be short enough to be read in 5–10 seconds. Don’t time yourself reading it, though, because you are already familiar with the message. Someone who has never read it will take longer to read and process it.

Ideally, you should show a few other people a printed copy of your design for about 7 seconds to make sure others can read and understand your call to action in the time that will typically be available.

Large text

Since your wrap will usually be viewed from a distance, and often while moving, large text is critical to getting your message across. If people can’t read your call to action, phone number, or website, they can’t contact you!

Phone number

Your phone number should be one of the largest elements of your vehicle wrap design, so that people can easily call you. It’s also a good idea to use a phone number that spells out a word since it’s easier to remember until they have stopped and can write it down or safely enter it into their phone.

QR code

QR codes are those little black and white pixelated squares you’ve probably seen on billboards, brochures, and other marketing materials. They enable people to simply point their smart phone at the QR code and instantly pull up the URL associated with that particular code. This is especially important for vehicle wraps because it’s not safe to try thumb-mashing the URL into your iPhone while racing down the highway alongside dozens of other equally distracted drivers.

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