Overhead is a business fact of life, and the goal is to keep it as low as possible. Since advertising is overhead, it pays to identify effective strategies that will cost the least and give you the biggest return on your investment. That’s where vehicle wraps come in. Transforming company vehicles to billboards on wheels .…

Is extremely effective

What other advertising strategy can capture between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day? These figures from studies done by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement are bolstered by the results of a survey conducted by the American Trucking Association (ATA), which indicate 90-plus percent of respondents notice images wrapped on vehicles. Furthermore, more than 95 percent of people who see a branded vehicle wrap remember what they saw.

If that’s not proof enough of vehicle wrap advertising effectiveness, consider the fact that 96 percent of people answering questions from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) say vehicle wraps pack a bigger punch than more traditional marketing tools.

Is a great bargain

Obviously, you want to wring the most value out of every advertising dollar you spend, so let’s do the math. Your average printed vehicle wrap costs from $2,800 to $4,500, and one wrapped vehicle snags up to 70,000 impressions per day. The Outdoor Advertising Association figures that puts your cost per thousand impressions (CPM) at seventy-seven cents.

One traditional billboard will cost you up to $2.18 per thousand impressions. A single four-color newspaper add can run $9.35 CPM, a television advertisement up to $17.78 CPM. You don’t need a degree in advanced mathematics to see where the value lies.

Is a tried-and-true way to increase brand recognition

As mobile billboards, your vehicles can and will be seen everywhere, and, as stated above, people will notice and remember your company–or as they say in the marketing trade, notice and remember your brand. As a matter of fact, vehicle wraps are fifteen times better at increasing brand recognition than other forms of outdoor advertising. Fifteen times! Furthermore, based on recent studies, people’s impression of your brand will be overwhelmingly positive.

Will keep on giving

Whereas most billboards, television/radio ads, and newspaper ads are relatively short-lived and have to be refunded every time you renew them, vehicle wraps are a one-time investment that will continue to pay dividends for three to five years!

Of course, like any other advertising method, the effectiveness of your vehicle wrap depends on a couple of important factors.


The value of professionally designed graphics can’t be overstated. A skilled graphic designer can deliver a unique, memorable design including everything from eye-catching images and text in large, clean fonts to your company’s logo, website, and an easy-to-remember phone number.

Strategizing ways to get the most from your investment

Remember, the more eyes on your wrapped vehicle, the easier you make it for people to remember you, the more your investment will pay off. So come up with creative ways to increase exposure.

  • Park in high-visibility areas.
  • Take your vehicle to high-traffic venues like sporting events, fairs, concerts, trade shows, and chamber of commerce activities.
  • Make it easy for people to connect by including a QR code on your wrap. If they pass by while you’re parked, they can simply scan the code and land on your website!

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