There are only so many truck makes and models, but you want your truck to stand out among the crowd, right? What do you do? Well, you may want to consider a specialty vinyl truck wrap. Given the virtually endless available choices in color, style, and finish, you can safely assume you’ll be able to wrap your truck in a way that will make it one of a kind.

In case you’re not aware of the benefits offered by specialty vinyl wraps, here’s a short list:

  • Specialty wraps are far less expensive than comparable paint jobs.
  • Your wrap can be professionally removed without damaging the underlying finish if you change your mind about style or decide to sell your car.
  • Specialty wraps last as long, or longer, than a standard paint job.
  • No paint job will give your truck the totally unique, eye-catching look you can get with a wrap.
  • You’ve got coverage options with a specialty wrap—wrap your entire vehicle, or just parts of it.

Best of all, by choosing a specialty truck wrap you can let your imagination soar! Digitally printed wraps, for example, can include professionally hand-drawn graphics, your choice of photographs (as long as the resolution is at least 300 DPI), and/or customized typography. Think about it. Imagine your truck wrapped in .…

  • information about your business
  • flames
  • leopard skin
  • the American flag
  • polka dots
  • snake skin
  • your personal motto

If words and pictures aren’t your cup of tea, you can customize your truck with other specialty wraps.


Wrap your truck in understated Batmobile matte black—or any other color that strikes your fancy. If you like your truck’s current color, you can go for a transparent matte wrap.

Glow in the dark

The phrase “Night Life” will take on a whole new meaning if you wrap your truck in glow-in-the-dark vinyl! You can wrap it from hood to tailgate, or emphasize the design elements of your choice with side stripes, typography, and/or images. Simply wrapping the mirrors, hood, and tailgate is another option.

Mirror chrome

Speaking of light, nothing flashes brighter or shouts “class” louder than a chrome wrap. The gleaming mirrored finish usually includes a scratch-resistant top coat, so with the right maintenance, your wrap will last for years. Finally, since the chrome finish reflects sunlight, your truck cab will stay cooler on hot days.

Carbon fiber

A serious wrap for serious truck aficionados, high-end carbon fiber vinyl can lend your truck exotic, sporty flair. The 3D carbon fiber design embossed directly onto the vinyl looks absolutely genuine. You don’t have to go for the traditional black, white, or silver, pick any color you want!

Brushed metal

Think satin. Think durable. Those are the qualities you get from a brushed metal truck wrap. The unidirectional design removes some, but not all of the vinyl’s patina, producing a finish between glossy and matte. There are, of course, plenty of colors to choose from.


If you want to take your truck upscale, pearl wrap is a good way to do it. High-gloss and lustrous, the wrap subtly changes colors, depending on your perspective. The overall effect is multidimensional and very classy.

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