Out of all of the different advertising channels, truck wraps are the only channel that consistently reach 95% of all Americans.

Despite the fact that they’re capable of reaching so many people, they are actually one of the most underutilized advertising methods of all. Even with all of their convenience, billboards and signage are still used more. Truck wraps are capable of reaching an audience 15 times more successfully than most other types of outdoor advertising, and you can even use them to drive traffic online.

One of the strongest reasons why truck wraps are such a powerful advertising channel has to do with the memorability. Any marketer worth their salt is aware of the fact that when it comes to an effective campaign, you want to make sure that your brand makes a strong impression so that the customer remembers it when it counts. Studies have shown that about 80% of people are capable of remembering brand names and phone numbers after only seeing a truck wrap one time.

Another powerful reason for the effectiveness of truck wraps has to do with the affordability. Not only are truck wraps one of the most stimulating forms of advertisement, but they are also one of the most economical. Research has shown that the most expensive form of advertising is television (23.70 per thousand impressions), followed by newspaper ($19.70 per thousand impressions) and radio ($7.75 per thousand impressions). Billboard advertising ($2.18 per thousand impressions) is more cost-effective than television, radio, and newspaper, but truck wraps are available at the most affordable price at only $0.77 per thousand impressions.

truck wrap cost comparison

One of the most important priorities when it comes to marketing is localization. When using a truck wrap, you are able to ensure that your brand exposure will directly reach the exact people that you are interested in attracting. A truck wrap can instantly reach the exact pool of potential customers that you need without any additional investment.

Not only are truck wraps affordable, high-impact, and hyper-local, they are also highly versatile. The use of dynamic images can greatly increase the power of the advertisement to make a very strong impact impression on anybody who sees it. The dynamism of the aesthetics of the truck wrap can even be altered to match seasonal holidays.

One of the most appealing factors of the truck wrap advertising campaign is the fact that is its simplicity. While a social media campaign might require a complex calculation for cost-per-impression figures and keyword implementation, a truck wrap advertisement simply requires local people (who are already more likely to be attentive while driving) to lay eyes on it one time.

Reports have shown that between 1993 and 2003, the amount of money invested into outdoor advertising annually has risen astronomically. The growth rate of outdoor advertising has nearly doubled from $1.2 billion to $2.1 billion, and it’s expected to continue. There will be far more demand for truck wrap advertising as more marketers become aware of it’s effectiveness, and if you choose to invest in it now, you can be ahead of the competition while saving money at the same time.

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