You’ve got to love advertising. Seriously, what other business expense promises increased revenue and a tax deduction? Now in the best of all possible worlds, that increase in revenue wouldn’t involve a painfully large investment. Well, welcome to the best of all possible marketing worlds: vehicle wraps.

Why vehicle wraps?

Turning your company vehicles into mobile billboards is a proven advertising strategy. The facts are:

  • In a survey done by American Trucking Association (ATA), more than 90 percent of survey participants said they notice images on vehicles.
  • The Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement has shown a wrapped vehicle can rack up 30,000–70,000 impressions per day.
  • According to 96 percent of folks responding to questions put by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), vehicle wraps are more effective than traditional marketing methods.
  • A fleet of wrapped vehicles can increase brand recognition up to 15 times faster than other ads.

If those figures don’t make you sit up and take notice, consider the fact that the average price of a wrap runs between $2,800–$4,500. According to the OAAA, that works out to around seventy-seven cents per thousand impressions (CPM). Compare that to television ads (up to $17.78 CPM), a four-color newspaper ad (up to $9.35 CPM), or a traditional billboard (up to $2.18 CPM).

Plus, while those other advertisements run for a limited time, your vehicle wrap will be good for three to five years. Think of it as the marketing gift that keeps on giving!

The ABCs of vehicle wrapping

Increasing the value of your investment and the reach of your mobile billboards involves a few basic strategies. As far as the wrap itself is concerned:

  • Avoid wrapping windows in order to maintain driver safety.
  • Text should be at least 3 inches tall, in simple, legible fonts. (Sans serif is best.)
  • Avoid caps.
  • Keep your message short, limiting it to seven or eight words.
  • Choose professionally designed, eye-catching graphics that are vivid and unique.
  • Include your company’s logo, website, and an easy-to-remember phone number.
  • Consider adding a QR code that people can scan when they encounter your parked vehicles, so they can easily access your website for more information.

Get the most out of your new mobile billboard

Once your vehicles are wrapped and ready to go, it pays to keep some mobile strategies in mind:

Choose your spot. Not all parking spots are created equal; you want to park where your target audience will see your vehicle. Once you’ve determined your area, park as close to busy streets or highways as you can. Malls and sporting events are other high-visibility parking venues.

Sponsor an event. You’ve probably seen branded radio and television vans hosting a special event downtown or at ballgame. You can do the same. Hand out samples or brochures, or sponsor a giveaway for people who stop by to see what the fuss is about.

Get social. Use your social media platforms to encourage people to actively search for you. Offer coupons, discounts, or t-shirts to customers who post photos of your vehicles and tag the locations where they were seen.

Finally, remember that your new, mobile, highly-visible advertising channel speaks volumes about who you are as a business. Make the best possible impression by keeping your vehicles immaculate and dent-free and regularly reminding your employees to drive safely and courteously.

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