It can be a lot of fun to drive around in a truck that looks totally different than it did before, but that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money on a paint job!

If you’re a truck owner who loves their truck but not its appearance, color change wraps might be the way to go. They’re budget-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free, and they give your the ability to keep the truck you already love while creating a brand new look—all without spending a fortune on a new custom paint job. Or, if you already have a blemish-free paint job, a wrap can help protect your paint and preserve the resale value in case you ever decide to part with it.

Color change wraps are available in a wide array of styles, including high gloss, matte, brushed metal, chrome, carbon fiber, glow in the dark, and even animal skin! You are really only limited by your own imagination.

If you opt to have a professional install your wrap, and you definitely should because they are difficult to install, then you can expect them to last for up to seven years. They’ll hold up to everything the weather can throw at them, and in many cases, even some of the abuse you might encounter on the trail. And it’s also easy to remove as long as it hasn’t been in place longer than three years. Removal is best left to professionals though, because when a wrap is professionally removed, there’s no risk of damage to your underlying paint job.

The installation process is simple, but not easy. It requires specific equipment, including specially designed squeegees, magnets, heat guns, razor knives, and finish line—not to mention a temperature-controlled building to work in. Most important, professional installers have the skills and experience needed to install your color change wrap properly so that you get the most value from your investment.

Installation starts with cleaning and prepping your truck’s surface to make sure the wrap will adhere securely. Then the installer will wrap the large sheets of vinyl over the body, under panels, and around door edges, to cover all exposed paint and ensure the material won’t peel away. They’ll take special care to avoid wrinkles and bubbles from developing using special tools and techniques.

Since there is no custom printing, color change wraps are generally less expensive, ranging from $1,000-$4,000, and take less time to install than their counterparts. Installation can usually be completed within one to a few days, depending on the size of your vehicle.

If you happen to have a minor vehicle accident that just damages a small part of your truck, you may be able to replace that part of the wrap, but if your wrap is several years old, depending on whether the rest of your wrap has faded at all, it may not be an exact color match, though.

As you can see, a color change truck wrap can be a simple, cost-effective way to give your old truck a brand-new appearance, customize your new truck, or just protect a pristine paint job from weather and minor road debris.


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